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This 2 in 1 palette contains 6 large pans for contouring, shading and blush. All 6 colors are matte and come in a durable packaged case to make it very convenient to use and travel with.


Talc, Mica, Mineral Oil, Kaolin, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Isopropyl Palmitate, Lanolin, Methylparaben, Proplparaben.

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So great for the price!

By Laura from Florida on

I am really impressed with this kit. I saw this on an Instagram tutorial and could not help trying it for the price. Although the colors may not work for everyone, they are great for my fair to medium neutral skin tone. The pink blush is worth the cost alone, it is so flattering. I also really love how pigmented (yet very powdery as previous reviews state) the colors are. The pans are HUGE! The colors blend easily as well. Such a great value.

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By Iris from on

This palette is amazing! I honestly don't use it to contour my face, but I use the light skin tones to brighten my eyes/hide my dark circles and the dark brown to fill in my eyebrows. I've also used both blushes, which are very nice. This palette has lasted me a while (I've had it since September 2014), and I still use it to this day! Absolutely worth it.

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I'm in love with this palette!

By Christine from Georgia on

I'm new to MAKEUP but have recently become obsessed. Been trying to master highlight and contour. I'm a big fan of ArielHopeMakeup so when she used it to highlight and contour and looked amazing, I knew I had to give it a try. It's amazing and easy to use, I love it! Just ordered the 10 color concealer palette because of her too. Ariel is a great promoter Sedona Lace!!

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Buy this Contour Palette!!!

By Kat from Houston, TX on

I am very fair skinned and often find that contour palettes have shades that are too dark for me. Sometimes, even if I use a light hand, the contour colors are too orangey. My favorite thing about this palette is that the contour colors have more of a taupe hue rather than a bronze hue which is much better for contouring. This is the perfect contour palette for several reasons. First off, the pots are huge!! Most contour palettes have pots that are only 1/2 this size. I like that you get two separate shades of a highlight, contour, and blush. Some palettes have colors that are so closely related that it's difficult to vary your look. In fact, most contour palettes have a white and cream colored highlight, two shades of a pink blush, a darker cream color powder, and just one brown color for contouring. This palette offers a better range of shades. You do get a white and cream colored highlight like the other palettes I have seen, but you also get two different blush shades and two different contour shades. The blushes you receive are a pink and a coral shade. I like this because it will work well with different skin tones and allow you to vary your look. I also love the contour colors! One is a lighter taupe brown while the other is a darker shade of brown. Neither of them are bronzed in color which is actually better for contouring. Most professional makeup artists will tell you not to use a bronzer to contour because bronzers tend to have orange undertones instead of taupe or grey. It's the taupe/grey undertones that help shade & contour giving that part of the face the appearance of receding. All in all, you should definitely buy this palette. My only minor complaint is that the colors could be a bit more pigmented. However, the pigmentation is by no means bad.

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By Katie from Ohio on

This is so easy to use! I have never contoured my face before I am a beginner and I was able to define my face like a pro! The blushes are also very pretty, I personally like to blend them together because they look beautiful that way on me. Worth the money too because the pots are huge!!!! :) will last a good long while for me :)

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Review for contour and clash palette

By Maria from Columbus, Indiana on

I've been using this palette and I love it. I'm so happy that I got it. Sedona lace just got a loyal customer.

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Contour & Blush Palette

By Candace K from New Mexico on

This is the best palette I've ever owned! As a stylist I own a lot of palettes. The colors have perfect pigment quality & a soft, easy to blend texture. One of the highlight colors was damaged in shipment & the customer service was beyond terrific!!! I didn't expect a response until after the holidays, but I was immediately offered a replacement/refund. I even carry a couple of their brushes w/me all the time to show everyone I meet what good quality they are & rave about their affordability.

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Great Quality

By Jessica from Canada on

The pigment in these is insane, you need the smallest amount on your brush! I will use every one of these, except the middle colour, I'm not quite sure what that ones for! (The one above the contour shade) so if anybody knows what that ones for, let me know :) Once I know how to use it I'm sure I'll love it just as much as all the other powders!

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