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This collection was created for those who want a little bit of luxury in their lives. We have developed the Luxe Essentials Brush Set with the highest quality materials available including premium chinchilla and pine squirrel bristles. The silky bristles feel amazing on the skin and shed less than traditional brushes. You will be proud to display these Luxe brushes on your vanity and makeup kit. The glossy chocolate brush handles, rose gold ferrules, and angled brush tips effuse luxury. This set comprises all of the essential brushes you will need in your collection: the LB01 Eye Blender Brush, the LB03 Eye Shader Brush, the LB05 Cheek Brush, and the LB07 Powder Brush. Get ready to indulge with the Luxe Essentials Brush Set!

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Top Quality

By Maylene from on

Not sure why there are more reviews for this set. I own many of the Sedona Lace brush sets. The quality of the hair, softness, the handle on these brushes are just beautiful. I think they are softer than the synthetic ones!

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Awesome Blend of Hairs

By Tiffany from TN on

I love how soft the bristles are and the blend of animal hairs. However I feel that the smaller brushes are not as soft, and I think it may be because of how short they are. I also wish the handles were longer. That is why I give this 4 stars and not 5.

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A Steal

By Shannon from on

These brushes look, feel, and perform as well or better than brushes twice the price. This is a perfect everyday set and travel set, all in one.

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